Hudkins LawCase Study



Keyword research and onsite website optimization techniques.

Time Frame

30 days

Company Background

Hudkins Law is Northeastern legal firm specializing in various real estate law services.


Legal is a very competitive space when it comes to local SEO. If you are in a tier 1 or 2 city the search results are typically filled with various legal material from other firms in the area.

We were entering a market that has a great deal of online activity.

Initial challenges:

  • No onsite SEO
  • No visible keywords on the site
  • No prior Internet marketing
  • Smaller than average website
  • Little copy on website
  • Heavy competition

Onsite SEO Strategy

Our first step was to really run through the keyword research process and find out people search in their local area.

Once we went page by page and identified relevant search terms we then had the client write additional copy, optimized images, crafted new meta data and performed various other SEO tasks to increase the clients organic visibility in the search engines.

Prior to Onpage SEO

30 Days After Onpage SEO

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