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How will AI Impact the Future of Digital Marketing?

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves using unique programming that enables software to perform many tasks that were initially being carried out by humans. Some examples of this can include language translation, decision-making, speech recognition, data analysis and visual perception. Over the...

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How Proper Business Intelligence Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

  The digital era has come with an incredible amount of data that is now integral to many business operations. With the emergence and rapid adoption of social media and search engine optimization, data has never been more plentiful and readily...

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Digital Marketing Tips: Why You Should Develop a Marketing Backup Plan

  Running a successful business requires taking risks. While playing it safe can protect your business at every turn, it’s not going to put you ahead of the pack anytime soon. It’s worth taking chances for this very reason, as you...

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Is Your B2M Website up to Your Customers’ Standards?

  A website that's professional, consistent and easy to navigate will be a huge component of any company's online marketing strategy. For companies with a business-to-many (B2M) model, however, building a website can be harder than usual. These organizations need to...

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10 Things you can do Right Now on a Reduced Budget to Keep your Digital Marketing Moving

[caption id="attachment_21305" align="aligncenter" width="796"] 44735624 - marketing strategy branding commercial advertisement plan concept[/caption] Coronavirus has not only left individuals and families worried about their financial futures and employment statuses; small and large businesses are feeling the money pinch at the moment...

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Brand Building – Bouncing Back After Covid-19

  The global COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the business world. With millions of people staying home, ordinary commerce has been disrupted, and brands are noticing the changes. Businesses are working to adapt old strategies to fit the new normal, but it...

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11 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty in 2020

  It isn't easy attracting people to your brand and turning them into raving fans. Not only do you have to grab their attention amidst all the clamoring for their business, but you must show them you care about them and...

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4 Ways to Improve Online Consumer Engagement

  Online consumer engagement is part of being a successful business in the 21st century. A customer will be gained or lost based on the experience they have on your site. In order to build trust between your brand and customers,...

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Reasons Marketing Data Analysis Is Important for Your Business

  Digital data has become an integral part of both online and offline marketing. Marketing data analysis is no longer an up and coming practice and is now considered the industry standard.? Customer data is being collected en mass, but not...

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Digital Transformation and the Future of Ecommerce

  From the "big bang" to the "e-commerce boom", we have surely come a long way.   The e-commerce industry has fared against many challenges, including product pricing, delivery time, packaging concerns, and not to forget stiff competition from offline stores. But figures...

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