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How To Improve Your Ecommerce Customer Experience

  Not a single business in the world can survive without happy and satisfied customers. You make customers happy by offering them a great experience. And you offer them a great experience by delivering them quality products and customer service.   Why customer...

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6 Colorful Landing Pages We Can’t Look Away From

  You may have heard that you should stick to a specific color palette or try to go with a simplistic look. While this works well for some websites, others benefit from bold bursts of color. If you want to create...

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How to Use Video to Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Before a customer buys a product online, they want to know everything about it. In fact, they want to see the products or services in use.   After all, seeing is believing.   Sure, photos are great to give consumers an idea of what...

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How To Get Famous On TikTok Using Proven Tactics From Instagram

  If you’re up to date with the world of social media, you, like most others, are probably wondering how to get famous on TikTok. The video creation app has taken the internet by storm, and people all over the world...

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How to Create a B2B Content Strategy for Better Conversions

  Do you have a clear and well-documented B2B content strategy? Do you invest in B2B content marketing initiatives?   For most of you, the answer to the first question would be no, but for the second a unanimous yes.   B2B marketers invest so...

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SEO vs PPC: Which is Better to Market a Law Firm?

  In the contemporary business arena, companies are in cut-throat competition. They have to fight tooth and nail to emerge victoriously. Marketing has always been the fundamental pillar of a business. When most of our activities rely on technology, it has...

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Paying for Local SEO Services? Make Sure They’re Not Making These Three MAJOR Mistakes

  Recent surveys indicate that 75% of local searches result in a visit to the store. Any business owner knows statistics like these mean optimizing to better capture those local searches is an absolute must. Over the past few years, the...

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5 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Instagram

  Social media marketing flourishes on Instagram, which has over a billion monthly users. Apart from the sheer numbers, the fact that Instagrammers are shoppers turning to social media for references works well in your favor.?   So, using Instagram for small business...

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7 Reasons Why Small Business Needs A Digital Marketing Strategy

  The central idea behind developing a marketing strategy is to get your product to the masses. You need brand exposure if you want people to find out about your business.   But sometimes, most people with small businesses grapple with setting out...

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4 Important SEO Trends to Help you Grow in 2021

  The marketing landscape is changing every year, and marketers must reconstruct their marketing strategies to remain effective.   When it comes to SEO, it also changed in many ways during the last decade. New technologies like artificial intelligence, voice assistants, and mobile...

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